S3E5: Stark Family Reunion, Cavebound Sexplorations, and Soggy Jamie

August 8, 2017

You guys. This episode was massively dope. Drogon was unleashed to the fullest and Dany had that crazy look in her eye where you just knew she was thinking, "Let's get it on." 

Seriously, the fourth ep of Thrones' seventh season delivered from beginning to end, and Harry and I went long and deep on the whole thing. We discuss Bran's penchant for bringing up moments in other people's lives that he would have no earthly reason to know about, hieroglyphics, Arya stuntin' on Brienne, Missandei's somewhat forced proclamation of devotion to Dany, the invention of the wheelchair, Drogon's stint on the DL, and who the true blue mole in Dany's camp is. 

Also, we watched a fucking dragon roast some bitches. Strap in. 

Also also, I went on a map rant. Here's the map in question:


P.S.: I misspoke on the origin of the assassin's dagger. Joffrey stole it from Robert, who won it from Littlefinger. Tyrion's not involved. Carry on.


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