S3E6: King Grumpy, MiniBoy and BaldyButt, and Accordions in a Blender

August 15, 2017

It's like 1:30 in the morning and I have to get up at 6:30. You're not getting much in the way of a description. Fresh off a heartbreaking L in the soccer finals, Harry and I discuss the Thrones's latest episode. It's cool. Guys go beyond the wall, women talk about pregnancy, dragons snuff dudes then sniff a dude. Jamie shouldn't be alive. Davos wins the episode. Gendry's back!!  


S3E5: Stark Family Reunion, Cavebound Sexplorations, and Soggy Jamie

August 8, 2017

You guys. This episode was massively dope. Drogon was unleashed to the fullest and Dany had that crazy look in her eye where you just knew she was thinking, "Let's get it on." 

Seriously, the fourth ep of Thrones' seventh season delivered from beginning to end, and Harry and I went long and deep on the whole thing. We discuss Bran's penchant for bringing up moments in other people's lives that he would have no earthly reason to know about, hieroglyphics, Arya stuntin' on Brienne, Missandei's somewhat forced proclamation of devotion to Dany, the invention of the wheelchair, Drogon's stint on the DL, and who the true blue mole in Dany's camp is. 

Also, we watched a fucking dragon roast some bitches. Strap in. 

Also also, I went on a map rant. Here's the map in question:


P.S.: I misspoke on the origin of the assassin's dagger. Joffrey stole it from Robert, who won it from Littlefinger. Tyrion's not involved. Carry on.


S3E4: Alessia Cara, Pepto Pistorius, and Charlie Like a Rock Star

August 1, 2017

Back at it again! with the fresh GoT takes. Fresh off a hugeeee soccer dub, Rob and I discuss the girl he made cry that one time, a whole lot of fingers in bums, and we are reminded that dragons DO in fact exist. 

We got a heaping pile of listener questions to sort through - and decided whether or not Jon will bend the knee, who might kill Charlie Conway, and whether or not Arya is going to meet Sansa (spoiler - probably not).

We call some friends for STEAMING hot takes and decide whether or not Bran is the biggest creep to ever exist. Stay until the end for some bonus footage. BUOY-T everybody!!


S3E3: First Encounters, Beautiful Barbarians, and Uncle Charlie’s Bloodbath

July 25, 2017

It's the second episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, and boy was it a doozy. Harry and I have hit our stride just in time, and we yammer on about scaly boys, the Lord's Kiss as performed by a Ken doll, huge unwieldy crossbows and magical wind-aided raven flights. 

In addition, there's talk of "KINGINDANORF" drinking games, the fact that Yara cucks Theon on a daily basis, and Jorah's swiftly deteriorating epidermal situation. Enjoy!


S3E2: Dragonstone, Zombie Boogers, and Ed Sheeran

July 19, 2017

Praise the Old Gods and the New, for Game of Thrones has returned! In this episode Harry and I go deep on the Season 7 premiere, including discussions about that sweet new map room Cersei's trotting around in, how many ice zombies you could fuck up with one Valyrian steel sword, and a few lengthy tangents about God knows what. We suspended recording halfway through to go play a soccer game (you'll have to stick around to find out how we did), so the last half is a bit more loopy. Enjoy!


S3E1: There’s Two of Them!

June 22, 2017


In today's episode we meet our fearless new cohost Harry Tyrell. Get it, cuz their sigil is a rose? Anyway, Harry and I have just returned from a life-affirming Third Eye Blind concert, and we're not not drunk. So this one's a little interesting. We jabber on about dragons, zombies, zombie dragons, ice, fire, Jon, Dany, and everything else in the sexual new Season 7 trailer. 

Harry hadn't seen the new trailer, so the beginning part is him reacting to it. It's pretty good stuff. 

Here's the trailer if you want to follow along: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mlhnt0jMlg



S2E7: Jon’s Lineage, Cersei’s Pyrotechnics, and Much More

June 29, 2016

We've made it to the end of another season of Game of Thrones. And unlike in previous seasons, this finale was an absolute doozy. Huge news from pretty much every corner of the known world; if this universe had Twitter, shit would have been popping off. Come for the episode discussion, stay for the In Memoriam, audience questions, and general shenanigans.

UPDATE: It was late and I didn't have a list in front of me, so I missed several people in the "in memoriam" section. Here they are.

Doran Martell - Who run the world? Sand Snakes
Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun (aka Wun Wun) - The undisputed MVP of the Battle for Winterfell
The Waif - Deserved it
Lancel - Got to bang Cersei so he had a decent life
Walder Frey and his moron sons - Deserved it


S2E6: Bastards, Boltons, and Bloodshed

June 25, 2016

The penultimate episode of this season was, as usual, fucking awesome. We had dragons burning ships, shield walls encircling men, giants punching through gates... it was an absolute fiesta of carnage. Let's get into it. Also, I forgot to do the outro song and (AGAIN) forgot to credit my man Jaron Davis for the music. Tough couple weeks for me, promise to come back strong next week.


S2E5: Offscreen Deaths, Hanging Parties, and Cersei’s Big Rumor

June 25, 2016

So there's been a bit of a gap. I went to a wedding, I went to a different country, and I've generally been slacking on the podcast front. But BUOYT is back in a big way this week, with potentially the longest episode of the show. There were an enormous amount of audience questions covering a huge range of topics, from Gendry to sword-candle tricks to the much-maligned Riverrun plotline. Hopefully you enjoy, and hopefully I can FUCKING get this thing on iTunes. Stay tuned for that. 


S2E4: RIP Hodor, Fuck Bran, WTF Weiner

June 25, 2016

We're back, and we're sad. And we're overwhelmed. And we're reeling from revelations. And we're talking in the royal "we." And we're starting every sentence the same. That all stops now. Join me in this episode that covers Hodor's crazy, 20-year story arc, Bran's bafflingly idiotic decision to embark on a solo vision quest, and one warty dick.